A4F develops international educational programmes and events based on contributions of its members and partners, and participates in EU projects It also builds joint fundraising and consulting capacity, as well as an online portal.

A4F’s activities are concerned with consciousness development and cultural renewal. They take the complex systemic inter-relations between domains of life into account, from politics and governance, education and research, art and spirituality, to economy and media, energy and transportation, housing and food.

A4F and its members and partners are mainly focusing on:

  • self-development
  • social  learning
  • transformative education
  • transformative leadership
  • transformative research
  • social arts
  • social and educational innovation
  • organisational design and transformation
  • community development
  • new economic and governance models
  • incubation of social enterprises and conscious businesses
  • development of locations, including architecture and landscape design