The Members Assembly is constituted by one representative of each member organisation, generally the director or president.

The Management Board consists of the Managing Director, the Co-Director and the General Secretary.

Markus Molz serves as Managing Director of the Alliance for the Future and coordinator of the University for the Future Initiative. He is also founding board member of the Institute for Integral Studies and associate editor of Integral Review – A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal for New Thought, Research and Praxis. Markus holds a Doctoral degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Luxembourg and a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Regensburg with a Minor in Sociology and a concentration in Work and Organisational Psychology. His background combines integral studies and transdisciplinary social research, educational innovation, consulting for non-profit organisations, and creation of co-creative events. Since 1995, he has contributed to various European projects in the areas of intercultural relations, new learning technologies and educational quality development, as well as to the development of new higher education programmes and institutions in various European countries countries. Markus’ current focus is on developing pioneering organisational, curriculum and research designs for the emerging University for the Future.

Knut Arild Hanstad serves as Co-Director of the Alliance for the Future. He is founder of Power of Sight and director of Global Renaissance International. He was educated as a teacher and holds a Masters Degree in Management Consulting. Knut is running his own business since 1990, and also acts as change management consultant and public speaker. He also served as lecturer at The Norwegian Business School (BI), as county manager for the Global Dignity Day, and as conference producer – among others of the “Masters of Change” events in co-operation with some of Norway’s leading organizations in the field of (social) entrepreneurship. Knut was also the founder of one of Norway’s first transdisciplinary centres of communication, creativity, art and culture. His current focus is on the integration of visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and system innovation to facilitate the Great Transition.

Philippe Blanca serves as General Secretary of the Alliance for the Future. Philippe received his doctorate from the University of Luxembourg with a transdisciplinary work on new multimodal approaches of scientific publishing. He holds two Masters Degrees from the Universities of Lyon and Nancy. Philippe has a broad experiential and professional background across the humanities and social sciences with a focus on intercultural relations and integral studies. He is an experienced counsellor of unemployed persons and in parallel he served as editorial secretary for a transdisciplinary journal for many years. He also worked at a unit in charge of recognition of prior learning at the University of Poitiers and contributed to an EU project on quality management in cross-border higher education. His current focus is the multimedia documentation of co-creative events.